The last Chrome for Android version we remember featuring was the Chrome 47 which brought splash screen, snackbars, and other enhancements. We missed Chrome 48 but we featured Chrome 49 just last month and said that it could now detect physical web content. The next version, Chrome 50, is scheduled to be released next and we’ve got few information about it.

The next Chrome 50 build is believed to allow two new ways on how to open a link: (1) long tapping on an embedded content, select, and save; and (2) click on a link that opens a bottom pop-up that will ask if you want to save a file. The long tapping function is also said to trigger the built-in download manager of Chrome while clicking on a link will open the Downloads app/Download Manager on Android.

The changes and new features in Chrome 50 could be related to some of the Android N’s features. For example, the Downloads notification is said to have a Cancel button and now this information that the built-in manager will be triggered when you long-tap a link.

We heard that this notification will not be able to cancel or pause the download. Remove the Chrome app from the Recents section and only then the action will be dismissed and fully cancel the download.

The upcoming Chrome 50 should be ready for Android Marshmallow and the next Android N. Google will have it pre-installed on the Android N. Hopefully, cancelling a download will be easy with the Pause and Cancel button. The version is currently being developed and tested so let’s just wait and see for the official release.

VIA: Android Police