The Really Blue version of Google Pixel has become a sought-after variant of an already popular smartphone, either because they only released a limited number of units (hence, it easily became out of stock) or because the public really wants one. Or both actually. But to heighten the interest in it even more, Google has gotten Cambridge-born designer Christian Cowan to create a special pair of custom made “Really Blue” jeans to celebrate the launch of the smartphone. Unsurprisingly, the jeans are really blue.

And to celebrate this exclusive pair of jeans, they also released a campaign inspired by the 90s Calvin Klein’s denim shoot which was the mother of all jeans ads at that time and featured then up and comers Mark Whalberg and Kate Moss. This time around, it has British model Toby Huntington-Whiteley (yes, the brother of model-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) with a couple of other unnamed models, showing off jeans with the now famous really blue shade.

Not only are the jeans the same color as the Really Blue Pixel smartphone, it also has pockets that are stitched to fit the device, in case you prefer putting it there rather than in your bag (or if you don’t have a bag). They also have some trimmings and designs like glittery stars and ruffles. Cowan is having a really lucky year as just last month, he was one of the breakout designers in New York Fashion Week.

The jeans are available for custom order and you would need to set an appointment for fitting. Pricing will also depend on the design and will be given as a quote after the primary fitting. So, yeah, probably don’t expect this to be cheap at all.

VIA: Out