Navigation apps and smart voice assistants are no doubt helpful to drivers going to new or unknown destinations. Now that vehicles are getting smarter with those digital dashboards powered by the likes of Android Auto, there is no reason why one would get lost. One major caveat though is the driver being distracted because of all the gadgets and screens in front of him. Perhaps with Chris, the modern driver will be able to keep his focus on the road.

Chris is a new device that you place on the windshield. This round gadget will let you keep your smartphone in your bag or pocket. You don’t have to connect or plug in your phone because Chris offers a simple and small UI that responds to voice and gesture controls. We think it’s like having a slightly bigger and smarter smartwatch which you can use while driving for navigation.

Autolabs, a German startup, thought of Chris as an easy and working solution that only features the apps you need. With the aim of lessening hands-on in mind, this Chris features a 2.1-inch TFT LCD circular screen. It’s non-touchscreen so you will depend on gesture contol—swipe left or right. The simple navigation allows one to focus and drive safely.

Chris attaches to a mount on a dashboard or windshield via magnet. It can only last for about an hour so it may be a problem because it needs to be powered all the time. It works with iOS and Android and connects over Bluetooth. The microphone and speaker allow you to enjoy call support, music streaming, email, read SMS, and check instant messengers.

Chris costs $299 (299 euro) when it reaches the market in August. You can place for pre-order this early and enjoy the pre-sale price of 199 euro.The system will soon work with other third-party apps. It doesn’t have a voice assistant and doesn’t support the Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri but the few features should be enough for driving.

VIA: SlashGear