Chitika has new web use statistics for tablets, and it shows the iPad is still king. Though Apple’s tablet offering leads by a wide margin, Samsung has picked up some ground. They’ve also grown quite a bit over this time last year, but still only have about 10% of the usage an Apple device does.


April 2014 sees Apple with 77.2% of tablet web usage, which is gauged on Chitika’s ad network. Samsung holds onto the number two spot, but claims a mere 8.3% of actual use. Amazon was third with just over 6%, while “Google” checks in at fourth place with 2.2%. Rounding out the top five was Microsoft with 1.6%.


Though there is still a wide gap between Apple and the rest, the numbers show a bit of levelling since last year. Apple fell from just over 80%, and Samsung jumped way up — they were at 4.7% last year. Both Google and Microsoft made headway into the tablet usage field as well, while Amazon stumbled, joining Apple as the only company to falter in April.

Chitika says Amazon’s ecosystem may be keeping users away from web browsing, instead opting to get tucked in with movies and other media in Amazon’s network. Apple has no such excuse, leading many to wonder if they’re on the decline. Chitika bases their metrics on “tens of millions” of impressions on their network, so while it’s not wholly comprehensive, it’s likely as close as we’ll get.

Source: Chitika

Via: SlashGear