At this point most realize that Android and iOS are the dominant players in the mobile world. Looking at bit more specific and in terms of Android and popularity, we are often talking about Samsung. And not only Samsung, but the Galaxy S III. In this case, Chitika, the online advertising network recently took a closer look at the amount of web traffic that was being generated between the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5.

Chitika looked at these devices because they are both considered “top of the line” and considered a sample of “tens of millions” of US and Canadian smartphone mobile ad impressions originating from their ad network. The sample period ran from February 1 through February 9. Basically, the amount of traffic being generated by each device is near equal. According to the data provided by Chitika, the Galaxy S III is at 49 percent while the iPhone 5 has the slight edge at 51 percent.

While we always hope to see the Android devices come out on top, we should point out that the Galaxy S III has gained some ground. Chitika did a similar study back in October and at that time the iPhone had an 8 percent lead over the Galaxy S III. Going at this rate, we may see the Galaxy S III out on top next time around. It was also noted that when combined, these two devices accounted for 13 percent of all smartphone web traffic in North America.

Otherwise, in addition to pitting the Galaxy S III up against the iPhone 5, Chitika also looked at Samsung and Apple as a whole. In this case, the two companies combined accounted for 61 percent of all smartphone web traffic in North America. This was a 1 percent drop from the October study, however it looks as if Apple’s market share may be the cause of that drop. Chitika noted that they showed Apple as dropping from 46 percent to 41.5 percent with Samsung actually increasing from 17 percent to 20.6 percent.

[via Chitika]