Samsung prides itself in creating a top-notch mobile security platform in KNOX. And now, they have even more reason to celebrate as two countries (both of whom are very particular when it comes to these things) have issued security solution certificates to the company. China’s China Information Security Certification Center (ISCCC) and France’s National Agency of Computer Security (ANSSI) have both given their “thumbs up” to KNOX, after Samsung worked closely with both agencies to develop the certification process, which includes device requirements and security standards.

Since they now have that crucial certification from the ISCCC, this is a good thing for KNOX as they can now have an easier time securing contracts from regulated industries like government agencies, ministries, and financial institutions. What they used during the testing period were two of the newest Samsung devices, the Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5. Of course KNOX works perfectly with them to provide mobile security as soon as the devices are turned on and used for work purposes.

Meanwhile, over in France, they used the Samsung KNOX Workspace 2.3 to evaluate the affectivity of the system in terms of “dynamic partitioning”. With the system, companies can provide “integrated solution meeting stringent security standards” using Samsung devices.

These aren’t the first security certifications that KNOX has received. They have previously gotten the approval of the U.S. Department of Defense, UK Communications and Electronics Security Group and other European countries like Finland and Russia.

SOURCE: Samsung