There is no lack of collectibles for the Android fanatic, but some have more functionality than others. While the Android collectible figures look nice on your shelf and take a mean picture, that’s about all they do. With Andru, on the other hand, you’re not only getting a cute little Android figure, but you’re also getting a collectible that can actually charge your other devices.

Of course, the Android faithful will likely be pretty familiar with Andru by now – the lil’ guy has been around since the beginning of the year, after all. Today, however, Gen has given him a fresh coat of paint, just in time for the cold winter months. Meet the “Chill” Andru, which as you can see above, comes decked out in all white.

Andru Chill also features LED eyes that change colors depending on what you’re doing – if you’re charging, they’ll be blue, while they change to green when in standby mode. Other than the change in color scheme, Andru Chill is the same as the Andrus we’ve seen in the past, standing 2.5-inches tall while supporting 120~240V AC current. He also comes with his own stand, so you can put him upright on your desk and let him stare at you with those big blue eyes.

For an Android peripheral that’s been out for nearly a year, there haven’t been too many Andru variations. About a week ago, Gen launched a dark-colored version of Andru, but other than that, the Android green version we all know and love has been soaking up most of the attention. Chill Andru is available now on Gen’s online store for $25, so have at it if you’d like to see this guy take up residence on your desk.

[via Gen]