The RemoteLink app by Chevrolet has been a useful car app companion to drivers. It has received a lot of updates since it was launched and another round of updates has just been released by Chevrolet including Theft Alarm Notification. This new feature allows the system to send the owner notification if the vehicle is broken into or if there was any attempt to open or steal the car.

You car’s alarm may be activated but some genius carnappers can still pass through it. But with the RemoteLink app, you can be notified through a phone call, text message, or an email. The app will quietly send you a message that there is an attempt to steal or tamper with the car.

With the digital dashboard systems becoming more popular these days what with the introduction of Android Auto, CarPlay, and 4G LTE integration, more automakers are now looking into installing such dashboards that can run the said platforms. Chevrolet is taking advantage by improving the app with new features like the Proactive Alerts.

chevrolet prognostics

Proactive Alerts is part of Chevrolet’s Advanced Diagnostics system. It can check if there’s any problem with the system including the fuel pump, starter motor, or the battery. The app can track the changes and the performance and the likelihood that the car will act up because of the said factors.

Chevrolet wants to solve issues even before they happen and the company believes prognostics and diagnostics are the best ways to monitor the car system. The goal is real time monitoring so the owner or driver will immediately know what to do or fix whatever needs to be fixed.

The Proactive Alerts will be launched in the 2016 models of Equinox, Corvette, Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, and Silverado HD–those that are equipped with specific powertrains. These proactive service warnings are expected to provide current OnStar RemoteLink app customers peace of mind that their vehicles are in good condition.

VIA: SlashGear