While Apple’s Siri, and Samsung’s Bixby, and Google’s Google Assistant have started expanding their digital assistant worlds, Microsoft’s Cortana is lagging a bit in terms of partnerships and availability. Now for the first time, they are integrating the voice-activated assistant into a mobile launcher, specifically the Cheetah Mobile (CM) Launcher. This means the launcher will have voice-controlled features powered by the artificial intelligence and voice recognition system of Microsoft and in exchange, Microsoft gets the resource and platform advantages of Cheetah Mobile.

For those already using CM Launcher, you’ll get new features like making hands-free calls just by asking Cortana to call one of your contacts. You can also add events to your calendar without having to type in the information, have your phone read out news headlines (and even whole articles) to you, as well as search the web and translate if necessary, including the cool voice to voice translation. Aside from these voice-activated commands, you can also use Cortana to give you reminders, recommend nearby restaurants to eat in and places to visit, etc.

The integration also means you get cross-device compatibility by logging into your CM Launcher through your Microsoft account so you can also see your missed calls and incoming messages from other devices. They will be adding more of the Cortana features later on, and may even have CM Launcher exclusive treats. The launcher users can also get access to other Microsoft resources like Microsoft Office, and even third-party services.

The CM Launcher with Cortana is now in beta mode in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. The stable version will be released in January 2018 in the same four countries.

SOURCE: Cheetah Mobile