Have you ever wondered how many times per day you check your smartphone? Many of us probably check our phones lots more than we realize. A new app is available for Android devices called Checky that will track exactly how much of a phone checking habit you have.

The app is simple and gives you a big number on a white background surrounded by green that shows how many times in a day you have checked your smartphone. The app also shows how many times you checked your device the previous day.

The developers think that you might want to share the stats with your friends, and a sharing button is prominent below the tracker. If you are wondering, the app does nothing other than track how many times you check your phone during the day.

Checky has been around for roughly a month now and it has racked up as many as 100,000 installs. Apparently many people want to know how often they check their smartphone. The app is 2.3MB in size and requires Android 4.0.3 or higher.

SOURCE: Google Play