These KIRF(Keepin’ it real fake) phones show up all the time in the gadget markets in Shenzen, China. This one happens to take our interest since it closely resembles the rumored PlayStation Phone. It surprisingly doesn’t stray too far from the original.

This knock off phone comes with a 3.5-inch touchscreen, front and rear facing cameras(.3 megapixel), dual SIM card slots, Java support, 3.5 mm audio jack and a mini-USB port. This bad boy even comes equipped with a NES emulator to try to make it look more legit. According to the picture above, the phone is running Android OS, but it is probably not and some unknown OS. This knock-off even comes with a name as well; the Unmei Q5. Its not too shabby for a knockoff features wise, and it looks good too. We can only hope that the final PlayStation Phone looks as good as this, the knock off is available in the gadget markets in Shenzen for 399 yuan or about $60.

Via [Micgadget]