Google 19th Birthday

You may be wondering what is that doodle on You may have forgotten about it but it’s all about Google’s birthday. Our favorite search engine has just turned 19. The tech giant is now an adult. If it’s a person, it’s now off to college. And speaking of college, did you know that Google’s founders met in college? Actually, Larry Page is already studying for his PhD in computer science when he met student Sergey Brin at Stanford University.

Page and Brin quickly became friends and started working together to keep information organized and accessible by more people not only in their school but from all over the world. The two worked to build on what would become not just a tech giant but more like a tech empire. Some 19 years later, Google, derived from “googol” (1 plus many zeroes), is now available in 160 countries and in 123 languages—used by over 4.5 billion people.

Click on the Google anniversary Doodle and check the surprises available. Not much information has been given but be sure to check now. You will see the 19 surprises Google has launched the past couple of decades. Take the journey down memory lane and when you’re done check out the latest Search easter egg–Snake Game.