A new 10-inch Android 4.0 tablet has surfaced called the Yzi. The tablet has the expected capacitive multitouch screen and can use a stylus if the user prefers. The tablet offers integrated Wi-Fi along with an accelerometer to support gaming and other features. The tablet comes by default with fully translated French operating system.

The tablet also offers English and other language support. A webcam is integrated, and the tablet has 4 GB of internal storage. A microSD card slot allows for storage expansion in the tablet has a normal USB port and a micro USB port for connecting to USB accessories at one time. That micro USB port includes an adapter to allow the connection of normal USB devices.

The tablet has an HDMI 1.4 output and can shoot full HD video out to a larger screen. The tablet sounds like many other Android tablets on the market when you look at the specifications. The big selling point for this tablet is the price of €159.