When you’re chatting with a lot of friends in various messaging apps, haven’t you ever wished that your keyboard will get ahead of you and know what you want to type or what you want to do? Well a new virtual keyboard is one step closer to actually doing that with its machine learning capabilities to anticipate what you want to do. Chatty Keyboard is by developer Delvv, who seeks to simplify our digital lives with products like this, that brings you from A to C without having to go through B (not literally of course).

So basically, what Chatty Keyboard does is to analyze not just the words that you type but the context of your conversations. Based on this understanding, it will then suggest not just words and auto-correction, but even GIFs and emoticons as well to make your messaging more fun and exciting (well, if you get excited with GIFs and emoticons, that is). So if you’re talking about coffee, you’ll see coffee-related content, and you just have to tap on them once to add it to the conversation.


But the other more exciting thing that the keyboard does is to anticipate which action you’d want to do next and then give you a shortcut to that. For example, in the coffee conversation, you decide to eventually meet up for actual coffee. It will now display an action tag for you to add the date and time to your calendar. It will already be pre-filled based on your message, so no need to type everything else again.

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For now, this suggested action is limited to setting reminders, ordering a car from a ride-sharing service, making a phone call, and the aforementioned adding to the calendar suggestion. Hopefully, more actions will be added in the future. You can download Chatty Keyboard for free from the Google Play Store.