Playing this new adventure game called ‘Chariot’ is like watching a new cartoon series on TV. It’s one funny platformer game based on the story of a Prince with her fiancee trying to collect more riches while they carry a funeral wagon through those ancient caves. As they try to reach the goal, they have to go through and fight those looters and enemies coming after you.

Objective of the game is to bury the remains of the King. That seems easy to do what with the long ropes and large wheels of the wagon but you know, the dead King is quite a chatterbox. His ghost wants to be your guide in directing the chariot his resting place. If only you can get more treasures and riches without having to think about the looters, then it can be easy to achieve your goals.

To be successful in this game that’s available for the NVIDIA Shield Android TV, you need to be excellent in doing those physics-based stunts. Your coordination mechanics will definitely be tested in this exciting gameplay that helps you unlock more possibilities and discover more loot.

Discover 2D worlds and meet unique characters along the way. The physics-based platform environment will challenge your maneuvering skills. There are a lot of treasures and hidden paths to uncover so make sure you’re ready to play with enthusiasm even if the King is really annoying.

This game supports the Philips Hue Lights system which means the lights sync automatically to match scenes in ‘Chariot’ that are being played on the Android TV. Now that’s a pretty exciting feature. It’s a “smart” idea that hardcore games would really love.

Download Chariot from the Google Play Store