The OnePlus 3T is the latest from the Chinese OEM. It’s one variant of the OnePlus 3 flagship that is poised to rival the latest Google Pixel XL as premium phones. OnePlus is proud to announce the Dash Charge as one of the fastest charging technologies today. In a short video clip posted on YouTube, OnePlus compares the OnePlus 3T and and the Google Pixel XL.

Even before watching it, we knew that the OnePlus 3T would be faster. Of course, the Chinese OEM was the one who posted the video. OnePlus 3T comes equipped with 3400mAh while the Pixel has 3450mAh battery. That’s only a slight difference but watch how fast each can charge the battery.

The OnePlus 3T reached 56% within half an hour while the Google Pixel XL only 49%. After an hour, the Pixel XL hits 70% while the OnePlus 3T is almost full at 96%. Full percentage is reached after another 30 minutes (1.5 hours) by the OnePlus 3T while the Pixel XL is still at 92%. After another half an hour, the Pixel XL finally reaches 100 percent.

So the Dash Charge is faster than the Quick Charge 3.0 on the Google phone? Yes, in this case. We’re interested though if the result will be the same. We’re not sure if the processors also have something to do the speed but we’re impressed with the OnePlus 3T’s results.