Looking for a mobile charging solution that’s fast and reliable? Keep your devices juiced from virtually anywhere with the Zendure A8 26,800mAh QC3.0 Portable Battery Bank, 48% off the retail price for readers of Android Community. The Zendure A8 is quite possibly the last portable charger you’ll ever need. It’s constructed using only the highest quality components, charges mobile devices quickly, and boasts a battery capacity that’s absolutely mammoth. Then the whole thing is surrounded by an ultra tough and durable casing that can handle all the punishment you can throw at it.

At its core, the Zendure A8 features a battery that is capable of holding 26,800mAh of power. That’s enough juice to completely recharge a Google Pixel XL smartphone more than seven times over. The cells used in the Zendure are among the best currently available and are capable of maintaining a 95% effectiveness rating even after 6 months of steady usage.

When you plug your devices into the Zendure A8, they’ll charge more quickly than they could with other portable chargers. That’s because the A8 features Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 technology, which offers 18W of total power when you connect a compatible QC3.0 device. It has enough ports so that you can charge several devices at once, and you can even charge your devices while the Zendure A8 is itself charging.

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