With the many gadgets that we bring with us everyday, like smartphones, tablets, external hard drives, ebook readers, cameras, wireless mice (mouse), etc, etc, our computers’ or laptops’ USB hubs and wall sockets seem to never be enough. A new Kickstarter project called OctoFire 8 Port USB 3.0 hub will solve charging and data transfer problems that normally plague the multi-gadget users, promising to deliver even more than the normal wall charging gives your devices.

In terms of charging, the hub gives you 2.4 amps (12 watts) for each port and also has intelligent device detection so that it will bring optimal power to the devices you attach to it. Another great thing about this port is that even if it is not connected to a computer or laptop, it can serve as a stand-alone charger. It also has protection against over-heating, over-charging, over-current, and over-voltage so your gadgets will be as safe as they can.


In terms of data transfer, it has a rate of 5GBps and is equipped with USB 3.0, so bringing files from your hard drive or flash drive to your computer and vice versa will be a breeze. And because it is designed orthogonally, there will be no wire crossing or messy cords all around, even if there will be more than one person using it. The 100-240OV AC input makes it compatible with most international standards.


They’ve already reached their funding goal of $20,000, with still 23 days left in their campaign. You can pledge as low as $66 (or more) to be able to get the OctoFire 8 Port USB 3.0 hub before it reaches the retail market. Estimated delivery date for backers is April this year.

VIA: Kickstarter


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