Android 9 Pie Google volume

Android as a platform isn’t without any problem. It may have reached its 10th Anniversary milestone but there is still more work to be done by Google. We’re impressed with its development the past decade but we’re expecting more issues will still surface as every time a new version is available. One of the latest problems that are being discussed right now is with the ringer volume. It’s not really a big issue but in Android 9 Pie, you cannot adjust the volume without making any noise.

This topic is now posted on Google’s Issue Tracker site which means many people want it to be fixed. We’re not sure what happened here but previously in Android 8, mobile users can change the ringer or notification volume in silence.

A slider that also shows up when the volume is pressed used to be available but it’s gone in Android 9. The old options are no longer there but you can still change the ringer volume but only under Settings. It should be okay but apparently, the phone rings when you do that.

You can’t do so now silently because when you switch to loud or silent/vibrate, the phone will ring. As we mentioned earlier, an appearance on the Google Issue Tracker means people want the bug fixed ASAP. The tech giant is expected to release a solution via a future Android release.

SOURCE: Google Issue Tracker