Legendary developer Chainfire has put up a new website for public use, and it looks to be a useful one moving forward. The website – firmware.mobi – is part of the developers plan to have a place where you can grab stock boot and recovery images. He says this was a plan years ago, but has only just now gotten around to doing it.

Be that as it may, firmware.mobi is now live. Currently, Chainfire says that it contains around 250GBs of stock firmware and recovery images. That total should grow, though, because he has opened the website up for additions from the public. The repository right now contains mostly Samsung and Google stock firmware.

Chainfire actually considered making the repository a part of his Flashfire app, but says that Google Play disallows Play Store apps from downloading binaries. So that’s that. This website will have to do for now.

You can make contributions to the website via the site’s authed page – and you will need a working Google account to make use of the feature. Hopefully the collection will grow so that it can be the one repository of firmware that we can all go to when in need.

SOURCE: +Chainfire


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