Legendary Android developer Chainfire seems to be calling it quits with anything related to Android at this time, and so he has made an official announcement that all his root-related apps are now end-of-life. The developer admitted that they have been unofficially that way for some time now, and it is best if his users understand that these projects won’t be revived again. It sounds like the end of an era in Android, and for some of us, it actually is.

According to his post over Google+, the developer says “it does not seem likely I will pick up development of any of my root-related packages or apps again.” So if you are a user of any of his root-related apps and know that they are essential to your daily tasks, you need to start getting used to the fact that what you are using may be the last version of that app ever, or try to look for an alternative.

Chainfire says that he’s not using root for any of his Android devices right now, so it doesn’t seem likely he will return to root-related development as a need. He is currently working on a non-Android project that will take up most of his time, so Android development in general is stopping as of the moment.

He says that there are some apps he wants to keep, so they are just getting shelved for now, with no promise of when he might return to their development. All in all, the post does seem like a pretty solid goodbye from one of the giants of Android after-market development, and it doesn’t seem like he’ll be back soon.

SOURCE: +Chainfire


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