We may have missed ‘Chain Reaction Classic’ but this time, we’re not skipping on ‘Chain Reaction 2’, a new strategy game that allows one up to a maximum of eight players playing simultaneously. It may seem like a video game from the past, what with the pixel retro graphics and the sounds, but it can be addictive and really fun to play with family and friends.

There’s been a demand from players of the first Chain Reaction game to have an Online Multiplayer Mode and now their prayers have been answered. The game is so simple to play: just try to eliminate all the atoms of the elements. To do that easily, explode your own atoms and neighbor’s cells.

The challenge is to place atom of the same color in an empty cell. You need to carefully strategize so as not to waste your atoms. They might explode and whether you like it or not, move to neighbor cells. So how does one win? When your board is clean and free from any atom of the opponent.

You can also play this game on your own or against the computer if you can’t gather your friends to play this strategy game with you. You just have to be wary of the intelligent AI that will learn all your moves and strategies.

‘Chain Reaction 2 : Online Multiplayer’ is available for only $1.99.

Download Chain Reaction 2 : Online from the Google Play Store