A new messaging app has recently arrived in the Google Play Store. This one is called Chadder, and comes by way of Future Tense Private Systems. While the Future Tense name may not be as obvious to all, this company was founded by John McAfee. Perhaps more important for some — the features.

Chadder looks fairly straight forward in what it offers; the ability to send messages to others without fear of them getting out. There was mention about how the app uses key server encryption, which basically means the only person that will be able to read your message is the person you sent it to.

The company is touting Chadder as being an “unprecedented messaging platform” and one that is “highly secure.” They also made it clear this is a beta. Granted, it is readily available for those who want to use it, but still in beta. To that point, it was said the app was published quickly and “there is not a lot of features.”

We can only hope the beta aspect only applies to the lack of features and not to the security side. Chadder is currently available for Android and Windows Phone. And in a release that almost feels backward, the iOS version is still in testing and not expected to arrive for a few more weeks.

Chadder can be found in the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: PR Newswire