Cerberus paid lifetime licenses expiring

If you’re one of those lucky paying customers of Cerberus, sorry to say, but the licenses you’ve been using are about to expire. That’s what we learned recently after only four years of “lifetime” access. The security app is facing some issues these days but mostly related to business practices. What’s sad is that the company has been quiet about all the changes by not informing customers properly. What it did is revoke the lifetime licenses that people have already paid for.

We understand that the company may not be doing good but it is the right of the customers to be informed first before a measure is implemented. Apparently, the device recovery and locking app has been canceling the subscriptions. It’s not unusual and the devs are saying those paid licenses are not affected.

Something must be done or explained because customers are not happy. Most of them have been complaining about the Cerebus support forum. They were mad about the emails informing them of the expiration of the paid lifetime licenses. That’s good that a notification was sent but it’s not the case for all subscribers. Many customers have complained they were not informed, only to be surprised about the expiration date as seen in the app settings of Cerberus.

An anonymous source this “lifetime” isn’t really lifetime because his license paid for in August 2011 was said to only last eight years. It’s 2019 so that’s already eight years ago. There was no expiration date provided before although there was a mention it is “revocable”.

Somewhere along the way, there is miscommunication or no communication at all. The “lifetime” description should be easy to understand. We know what it means but even if the company behind it can no longer support the app, the least they can do is communicate properly what is going to happen or what is actually happening now.