The regional carriers in the United States seem to be putting up a one last stand situation here. Much like US Cellular, Cellular South isn’t one of the Top 4, and many people out there probably don’t even know it exists. But, it does. And, sure enough, after getting the HTC Hero for their Android line-up, they wanted to make sure they got another top-of-the-line device.

The DROID came out last year, but it’s still arguably one of the best Android-based devices out there with a full, physical QWERTY keyboard. Thanks to Cellular South’s Facebook page, and a cleverly worded riddle for the masses, the wireless carrier showed off to the world what Android phone would be next on their network. Here’s the riddle, if you’re curious:

Many of you have asked, “What’s next for Android?”
It won’t be long now.
Look out for an announcement very soon.
Everyone is going to be excited when they see what’s next.
Sorry we can’t tell you the name of the phone just yet.
There’s one thing we can tell you, though.
Once you’ve seen what this phone can do, you’ll be amazed.
Now, stay tuned.
Everyone will know eventually, but you’ll hear it here first.

Seems pretty normal, right? Well, it is. But, if you look at the first letter, in the first word, of each sentence, you’ll start seeing what Cellular South was getting at. MILESTONE. So, unless they’re about to pull the biggest prank in the history of pranks, it looks like the regional carrier will be getting the premiere handset from Motorola soon. Unfortunately, no word on when that will be, exactly, but as soon as we know more, we’ll pass it along.

[via Android Guys]