chongqing city foreigner street mobile phone sidewalk

If Copenhagen is world famous for its bike lanes and biking culture, a city in China will soon be as famous for its lane designated especially for those who are glued to their phones while walking. Chongqing City knows that there are people who wouldn’t want to miss a second off their phone screens so a special sidewalk in Foreigner Street was created for them. How crazy is that.

The mobile phone sidewalks only prove that we’re living in a world where people prefer to connect with their peers on screens instead of in person. This idea may be practical because really, some people like to multitask. They play games, text, take selfies (tsk…), talk, or check their social network profiles—all these and more while driving or walking. Instead of annoying other pedestrians, a cellphone lane would pretty much give these people the freedom to do their stuff.

This one is a great idea but it’s sad to think that we can’t part with our phones. Every second counts when it comes to our mobile life that a special path has to be created. China is an emerging market so it’s understandable that more and more people are glued to their mini screens. Bike lanes and motorcycle lanes, I understand. But seriously, a phone lane? What does that say about us now?

It’s not only in China that the idea is being tested. In the United States, specifically in Washington D.C., a similar lane was created and tested earlier this year. The National Geographic headed the project to make people stay in their phone lane. Unfortunately, the move didn’t work out. Americans didn’t follow the lane. Hopefully, the Chinese will be more obedient. Let’s see how this turns out…

VIA: SlashGear
Source: News QQ