Looking for a free RPG to maybe while away a few minutes or hours of your time? May we suggest “Celestia: Broken Sky”, if you are of the RPG or MMORPG gaming persuasion. The game is pretty standard in RPG elements, but it has an interesting turn-based battle system that should keep you interested.


Players will essentially have to build their own team of heroes, collecting them from their journey. Plenty of heroes around for variations, and even if you pick one from a specific class, there are still elemental alignments that may differ from one hero to another. This simply means you won’t get bored with a small number of heroes.


Gameplay will mostly be questing and battling – combat is done with a timer-based system. Spells have cooldown timers, and you can only cast them when the timer is filled. OR, you can choose to wait for the charge to gain levels. Spells that have charged longer will have stronger effects.

You can then narrow down your team to a couple of heroes that you use frequently, sacrificing the others for experience points. Combining them with your standard heroes gives them more XP and more combat power and skills. If you’re interested in this MMORPG, you can pick it up at the Google Play Store (see source link below), free to play with IAPs for in-game currency.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store