I never believed in those breathalyzer apps because really, how accurate are they? When it comes to checking your blood alcohol concentration, you need something more reliable. I’m sure you’re one of the many parents out there who wish that their phones can detect a kid’s body temperature and looks like it will be a reality soon with the newest Indiegogo crowdfunded project called Tympani.

Nope, Tympani isn’t a musical instrument app but it’s actually a thermometer that works for both Android and iOS. The team behind this project described the Tympani as the smallest and most accurate infrared thermometer in the world.

Not that the current thermometers we have at home, school, or hospital aren’t enough, this in-ear add-on becomes a digital thermometer giving an accurate temperature reading within just two seconds. No need to wait for 30 seconds to know your kid’s temperature because Tympani is fast and efficient.

The project is currently listed on Indiegogo and the guys behind it wish to raise $10,000 as fund goal. But good news and still with 46 more days left before deadline, the team already received about $12,000 in funding. This only proves that the Tympani has a lot of potential. Parents of young kids will love this thing that can help them be the ‘best parent ever’.

Okay, so knowing one’s thermometer doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the greatest mom or dad but at least you know what’s happening. You can use it to read a sick family member’s temp so you’ll know what to do in case of sickness and give the right medication in no time.

Tympani connects to a standard 3.5mm port on any mobile device and works with a companion app. It also comes in a special carrying case that you can bring anywhere with you. Product has been beta tested already so expect the first commercial batch will have more accurate and consistent readings.

We don’t normally recommend depending on just Google to know the symptoms, treatment, or cure but the Tympani also includes a virtual doctor to tell you what to do. When you need to check your vitals regularly, you can use the Tympani to check on them and notify a specific Caregiver to remind you what to do and check temperature.

Tympani isn’t just like any ordinary crowdfunded product. It’s a CE-certified Class 2 Medical Device so you know it has passed several standards. This means worry-free temperature reading all the time which results to any parent’s peace of mind.

SOURCE: Indiegogo

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