Couch potato-ing has definitely evolved the past decades. Before, people would be glued to the “boob tube” and stay there for hours in front of the TV watching their favorite shows, movies, commercials, and reruns. Now, more content are available and it’s actually easier to access new stuff, thanks to media streaming.

TV networks and companies jumped into the bandwagon of going mobile that’s why there are millions of videos available on different social sharing sites. Bigger networks have even come up with their own websites and apps where people can easily access what they have to offer.

As for CBS News, the company is bringing 360 degree videos to the big screen. New versions of the CBS News app are available for the Amazon Fire TV and Android TV. The major update includes the addition of 360-degree behind-the-scenes view, giving the consumers a “closer” look into whatever is on the video.

With 360-degree videos, you can “explore” a scene or video that is shown with the news. This way, you can feel as if you are “right there”. Update the apps and expect to see the 360-degree videos. It’s just like watching any other similar videos as you need to click around the screen—left, right, up, or down. Use the TV’s remote control to navigate through the videos being streamed.

CBSN has been busy especially during the past US election with the company hitting records—11.1 million viewers on election night and 19.1 million streams the past few days and weeks.

VIA: Techcrunch