Google and CBS are teaming up to bring consumers content and entertainment thru the tech giant’s upcoming web TV service. No confirmation or announcement yet from Google or CBS but according to a source, CBS is the first ever TV network to join the new service that will be available on YouTube. It appears that the company is really serious with getting into our homes.

It’s a web TV service that can be experienced right on YouTube. We’re expecting it to roll out early next year, changing the game of TV viewing as more channels are also expected to sign up with Google. Aside from CBS, there’s NBC Universal and Walt Disney Co. believed to be added to ‘Unplugged’–the rumored name of the service.

The idea of ‘Unplugged’ is to target those people who don’t want to subscribe to traditional cable subscription and pay for channels they don’t really watch. This web service is expected to be affordable, will be ad-free, and will also include YouTube Red.

This low-cost web TV service by Google will rival other online video platforms like Hulu and Sling TV and other web streaming services available. This could be the YouTube premium we’ve been waiting for. Of course, it will require some free but we’re hoping not too expensive. YouTube is still the top video sharing website today and it will only continue to be the go-to platform with the upcoming ‘UnPlugged’ web TV service.