Castle Raid 2 may sound like a cutesy real-time strategy (RTS) game like any other you’ve seen on Android. But this take on the tried and tested and probably clichéd humans versus orcs theme has a slight twist to it that pits you against another player for some precious screen space.

Castle Raid 2 has the makings of your typical RTS game. A very thin story line around the desire of humans and orcs to beat each other silly in the name of conquest or survival, escalating levels of difficulty, progressively powerful units, and, of course, the essential leaderboards that ranks your performance against your friends or complete strangers. Developer Arcticmill does throw in a few gimmicks to make the game stand out a bit. Players can mix and match three levels of difficulty with two battlefield options. A time-based challenge will have you scurrying to victory within a time limit, while a Gladiator challenge drops you into a warzone with a predefined unit setup.

Castle Raid 2’s selling factor, however, comes from the “Head 2 Head” mode, which turns the game into a social activity more than others in the market. In this mode, up to two players can battle each other on the same device, which each player taking not only a racial side but also a screen side for one’s army base. This setup would make for a pretty good tablet game but might be a bit inconvenient on smartphones Head 2 Head mode also features some options, or probably more properly cheats, that could give one side, preferably the device owner, a distinct advantage. You can watch the game’s launch trailer in the video below.

Castle Raid 2 is out now on Google Play Store. Considering it has a $2.99 price tag attached, those who do not dig this game’s art style or plot might want to look elsewhere for their adrenaline pumping real-time strategy fix.

Download: Castle Raid 2 on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Arcticmill