Smartwatches are nice to have but sometimes having to charge them every so often can be a pain. So when a brand tells you that their device can actually last you a month without charging, then you pay attention. But also you need to read the fine print of course. Casio’s new Pro Tek running on Smart Wear OS has it can approximately last for a month if you use it in one of their modes. And you just have to charge it for 3 full hours and it will be up and running again.

But let’s back up a minute there and talk about the main features of this device. It will run on Google’s Wear OS platform and has a 1.2-inch dual-layer display with both color OLED and monochrome LCD. This means that if what you want to use the watch for is better looked at in color, then you use the former and when it’s okay to just have a black and white display, then go for the monochrome display in order to save battery.

Speaking of the battery, if you use the color display, you will have around 1.5 days before you need to charge. But if you turn on the Multi Timepiece Mode, wherein you only use the timekeeping and sensors, it can last up to around one month. And if you need to power it up after the battery has been used up, you just need 3 full hours and then you’re good to go.

Other features include the “anti-fouling coating” on the touchscreen as well as a MAP button, a Power button, and a TOOL button. It has MIL-STD-810 certification, resistance to low temperatures up to -10 degrees celsius, and a single lithium-ion battery. Sensors include pressure, accelerometer, pyrometer, and a magnetic compass sensor.

The Pro Tek smartwatch with model number WSD-F30 will be available in black, blue, and orange and will arrive in the market late January 2019. There are no pricing details yet, so we’ll have to wait until then if this is something worth our money.

VIA: SlashGear