There are a lot of smarwatches in the market that target runners or those who exercise and want to keep track of their fitness routines. But OEMs believe there’s still room for more, especially if they want to appeal to a different segment. The Casio Pro Tek WSD-F20 was unveiled earlier this year at the Consumer Electronic Show and now finally it is available for purchase and it is looking to cater to the outdoorsy market due to its very sporty look and its features that can interest those who love hiking and other outdoor activities.

Hikers in particular will probably find this smartwatch useful because of its features like full color maps and support for offline map usage. Of course it has GPS functionality as well so you don’t need to connect it to a smartwatch to be able to use these features. The GPS feature uses low power so that it can save your device’s battery, which is pretty important if you’re going to stay outdoors for a long time. You can also set up alerts for things like sunrise and sunset, when to take a break, etc.

To be able to use the offline map, you will have to download the maps you need when you’re still connected before you go to places where connectivity will become a problem. It will still keep track of your location and also record the path you’ve taken. You can pin specific places on the map and even add notes if needed. If you’ve already been in that marked spot before, your device will send you a notification.

The Casio Pro Tek WSD-F20, also known as the Casio Pro Tek Smart Outdoor Watch is now available through their website but it will cost you a hefty $500. It’s available in two colors: pure black and black with orange highlights.

VIA: SlashGear