Verizon has been busy today, updating tons of their Android devices from the XYBOARD tablets to the DROID RAZR and more. Apparently another made the cut and they are now pushing a small update to the not so widely known Casio G’zOne Commando rugged smartphone. If you have one you know it can handle the elements — and today it just got even better.

This durable smartphone that can basically be trashed in any possible way and still come out working great is receiving an over the air update today that should bring some enhancements to performance, not to mention new features and abilities. The most notable change for the G’zOne Commando is push-to-talk has been added to the device. Making this great for construction workers and anyone needing the push-to-talk ability with no additional monthly charge.

The update starting rolling out last night and if you’ve not received the update yourself feel free to go to menu > settings > about phone > and check for updates to enjoy the latest changes. We are also hearing some bugs and problems have been fixed, battery life should be decently improved, not to mention a few tweaks to improve signal. All the details and instructions are available from the image of changes above, and the official Verizon link below. Try out that new Verizon Video app too if you’re bored at work.

[via Verizon Support]

Bonus video: Casio G’zOne Snowboarding


      • i tried charging it and then turning it off took the batteryout for 5 mins, it turns on but stuck on the screen you see when turning on

      • i went to verizon the other day about how the updated f*cked up my phone they said it cant be fixed they said they would have to send me a new one an they said theres been a good bit  of them coming in latly because of that update

  1. when i try to add the feature, it shows a 5 dollar a month charge for blackberry, thats the only choice. any advice to get this “free” feature

    • Takes several phone calls to Verizon management to straighten out. The deal of no charge for push to talk is only for the Casio Commando, as you said and I also experienced, only blackberry is listed on the feature page. Verizon needs some serious upgrade on customer service/knowledge (my opinion).  

  2. mine keeps giving me an “installation failure” message, the update downloads, but then can’t install.  I’m ready to go back to my old iphone. 


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