Casio has unveiled a couple new models of watches that fall into its Edifice family. The new models are the EQB-510D and ECB-500D. While these watches are designed to interface with an app running on your Android smartphone, they aren’t designed to give you notifications like a smartwatch.

Casio has designed the Edifice line to cater to people who need to know what time it is all around the world. Both of the watches have analog faces that are easy to read. When linked with the smartphone app the watches can tell time in 300 cities around the world and in 40 time zones using a sub dial.

Both watches use Global Time Sync and are based on the Smartphone Link EQB-500 watch that came before. To adjust the time to fit the current time zone, all the wearer has to do is press a button to update the watch automatically.

The watches can also correct automatically for daylight savings time if needed. Daylight savings time on the watch is kept up to date by using the app on the smartphone. Alarms and other time settings can be changed using the app as well. The watch also has a phone finder function that activates an alarm on the smartphone with the press of a button on the watch.