Even with the advent of mobile photography due to the massive improvement of smartphone cameras, there is still nothing better for old school photographers than to have a DSLR in their hands. But sometimes, lugging around and controlling that massive camera can be a pain in the neck, especially when you’re trying to get a rather difficult shot. CASE Remote wants to help solve that problem by turning your Android device into a wireless remote controller for your DSLR.

The small 2×2 device may look like the power adaptor of a Macbook but serves as the connection between your DSLR and your Android smartphone or tablet. You mount it on top of the camera using a hot shoe or 1/4 screw hole. Then you download the CASE app on your device, and you’re all set to remotely control your camera. You will get a live view of what can be found on the DSLR’s viewfinder and you can also control several settings, including focus, magnification, aperture and other parameters. You can also set it up so that the GPS will be embedded in the photo.

Once you’ve captured the image, you can now directly share it with your friends (or touch it up with your photo editor of choice) on your different apps and social networks. CASE Remote is very convenient to have if you want to take weird or difficult angled shots, macro photography, wildlife photography (you don’t really want to be up close and personal with some animals right?) and even for the time lapse effect. Their site indicates that they support Canon and Nikon DSLRs but they say that is still not the complete list, so we can expect more updates soon.

The creators of CASE Remote have already reached their target goal on IndieGoGo with over 400 backers but they opened up Round Two to try and get more people on board. They have finished mass production and plan to ship it out to their backers by next month. Then by September, they will be selling it online, so even if you didn’t back them up, you can still purchase this wireless DSLR remote for your photography pleasure.




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