Ever experienced that moment when you saw a beautiful smartphone accessory online but wasn’t sure if it would actually look good in reality? Case-Mate is apparently quite familiar with the situation, enough to start its Style Box risk-free trial program that will let customers try out their wares and return those that they don’t like.

Case-Mate is a company whose name has been associated with fashionable accessories. And when it comes to luxury items such as these, one doesn’t really want to risk picking out a smartphone case that ends up clashing with everything else you own. Rather than going through the painstaking process of exchanging cases again and again until you find the one that you like, Case-Mate has chosen a more convenient option. Customers will be able to buy from a collection of Style Boxes and select those that they want. Does that they don’t fancy they can send back, free of charge.

Case-Mate is offering four Style Boxes revolving around a specific theme or personality type. The Ansley Style Box includes jewelry-inspired cases that sparkle and shine. The Inman Style Box, on the other hand, aims for a more contemporary look, with lavish materials and hand-painted designs. Those who prefer a more casual appearance can opt for the Habersham Style Box while the Ponce Style Box contains cases that more fashion-conscious owners would love.

Currently, the Style Boxes are only available for the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S 4, open to the US only. Prices start from $35 and can reach up to $150, but discount incentives are given for buyers who end up keeping more cases.

SOURCE: Case-Mate