Hard cases for the Motorola Droid are few and far between. Case-Mate intends to end your search with their latest offering. This case is designed to protect your entire phone including the screen without taking from the functionality.

This case offers a few innovative designs, there is an integrated full touch-through screen built in that allows your touch screen to function as if there was nothing over it. It gives you complete access to all the buttons on the device and it’s clear so you can enjoy the beauty of your phone without it being blocked by a colorful case. And it’s really slim and does not affect the thickness of the device that much.

A few cons are, with this on the screen is not as vibrant as it is with this off and it adds noticeable glare to the device. It seems as though the longer you use it the more visible scratches you will see. Although it is really thin, it does add some bulk to the device. Also, it seems a bit overpriced for essentially a few pieces of plastic. But if you want some added protection to your phone without hiding it completely then this Naked Case might be a good option for you.

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