Finding out what the weather will be like today or any day you need to know is probably one of the most rudimentary things you can do on your smartphone. There is no excitement or no need for advanced features or something because all you probably want to know is whether it will rain or not on any given day. However, developer Brian Meuller then introduced the Carrot Weather app to iOS users and the weather app world was never the same again. Now, Android users will be able to experience themselves what it is about this app and its AI bot that makes the weather now more fun, interesting, and even profane.

The Carrot Weather app is now on in pre-release beta for Android devices. This means you can already experience its AI character’s unique personality while also trying to find out whether or not you should bring an umbrella today. Carrot is not just the name of the app but also the human-hating character that brings the app to life. You can even choose the kind of personality that you want it to bring: friendly, snarky, homicidal (unsurprisingly, the default), and if that isn’t enough for you, there’s overkill. Just a warning though, that last one includes some profanity which is something we never thought we’d say about a weather app. You can even specify its political leanings, if you’re so inclined.

But lest you think this app is just all about sass and not enough substance, Carrot also brings you the usual things that a weather app brings. You can see various weather-related data at just one glance, follow updates on major things like storms, hurricanes, etc, and of course check the weather forecast for the days ahead. The “super accurate weather data” is from Dark Sky and you also get deep customization options for the interface. You also get graphics that change depending on the actual weather outside. You can even play a game that will test your geography knowledge as it dares you to find specific locations in a map. But of course, you need to be prepared for Carrot to mock you when you fail to do so.

The Carrot Weather app is free to download from the Google Play Store but if you want some additional features, you can upgrade to the “Premium Club”. For just $0.99/month or $3.99/year, the ads within the app will be removed and you can also get a home screen widget. You’ll even get access to historical data from as far back as 70 years, in case you needed to know what the weather was like on the day you were born. There’s a free three-day trial so you can check it out first before deciding to spend. The app is still marked as “unreleased” on its app page but the final release for version 1.0 should be out in a few weeks. The developer is still making a few tweaks but you can already check it out and download it in the link below.

SOURCE: Carrot Weather