The impressive and hard to find LG Nexus 4 from Google is still sold out everywhere we turn. The Play Store has been out of stock for weeks, T-Mobile stores have none on the shelves, but if you can find it from Carphone Warehouse you’ll be able to get this awesome phone for free. Yup we said free. They’re offering the device up for grabs as long as you sign a 2-year contract.

New details have confirmed Carphone Warehouse is offering the LG Nexus 4 absolutely free to customers that sign a new 2-year contract and a monthly plan costing around £26. So while we’re busy hitting F5 on our keyboard praying Google adds more to their inventory, these guys are giving them away for free.

T-Mobile did something similar here in the US for the holidays, but they didn’t have any in stock to give out so the deal was a bit of a bust. According to a few sources, Carphone Warehouses deal gives the device out for free along with 2 years of service including 400 minutes and 250MB of data for £26. They’re also offering the same price for those who don’t talk much and want 250 minutes and 750MB of data instead.

This is for the 16GB Nexus 4 and service is provided by Orange. There’s apparently other similar deals being offered in the region but Orange has the best pricing and deal available for the impressive smartphone. So while this doesn’t help us stateside, if you’re still looking for a Nexus 4 grabbing one on contract from Orange and Carphone Warehouse might not be a bad alternative.

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[via Android Authority]