Carmageddon will be released for Android this coming Friday and it looks like there has recently been some talk in terms of pricing. Basically, Carmageddon will be available in three versions. The trick with that is all three versions will not be available at the same time. More on that, but suffice to say, Carmageddon will be available for free and also as a paid download.

The initial release, the one coming May 10th will be the Carmageddon PROMO edition. This will be available for free and it will be the full and complete game. This promo version will only be available for 24 hours though. Basically, if you want the full version of Carmageddon and want to pay nothing — make sure you grab that download before 24 hours pass.

Once the 24 hours have passed, Carmageddon will be available in the regular paid and free versions. With these two, the paid version will be selling for £1.49 and the free version will be a demo release. While this seems to suggest that everyone would want to download the PROMO release during those first 24 hours, there is another side to that story. You see, the PROMO release of Carmageddon will be removed from the Play Store.

Simply put, because Carmageddon PROMO is being removed from the Play Store — it will never see an update. Those feeling ok with that can download and play the full game for free. All others, you may eventually want to ‘upgrade’ to the regular paid version. Of course, you can always wait and see what happens with future updates. Anyway, Carmageddon, as implied by the name is a driving game where all kinds of crazy things will happen. For a little bit of game play action, make sure you watch the trailer sitting above.

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