I am sure that everyone has seen or heard of Carfax at one point. The service allows you to get details on a used car so you know going into a purchase if the car has been in an accident or not. In the early days, the only way to get the reports was via fax, hence the name.

Today there are better and faster ways to get access to the vehicle reports with online access to accounts for dealers and with the new Android app. The Android app gives the user access to their Carfax account for dealers from anywhere. That means that a worker looking at a car for trade-in can scan the VIN of the car and get all the detail on their smartphone that they could get at the office from a computer.

The app allows the direct entering of a VIN by typing or a much easier method of scanning the VIN using the phone to get the results. The inquiries run on the Android app are also automatically put into the main account so they can be accessed at the office. The app is free on the Android Market now, but only works for account holders.


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