I have been away on business before and realized when I needed a file that it was back on my computer at home. My only recourse was to spend half an hour trying to walk my semi-computer literate wife through the process of emailing me the file. Not fun times. If you need to have access to your files anywhere you go and use an Android device, Carbonite has a new app for you.

The new app provides remote access to Android users and is in beta right now for the Android platform. The app is free right now and has all sorts of nice features. You can use the app to browse your Carbonite account directly from the mobile device including all files and folders uploaded and backed up using Carbonite.

The app also allows the user to share the files backed up from their PC via email, Picasa, and Facebook as well as other social networking sites. The photos backed up using Carbonite can be viewed on the mobile device with thumbnails and more. You can also use the app to listen to music that is backed up to the online Carbonite account.