The extremely popular and long awaited Android Twitter client known as Carbon was finally released this weekend. After more than a year of waiting and development the app is one of the best looking and unique options available for Android. It really is a joy to use. Sadly after a year of development it still seems to need a “beta” tag and has a long ways to go before being our daily app. More details on the update below.

Yup, after just three days of being publicly available the developers of Carbon for Android have already quickly released an update fixing tons of bugs. It launched to great fanfare but was riddled with little issues that simply made it a chore to use. Things like constant force closes in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above notifications, duplicate notifications, and even the Twitter 140 character limit was dropped to 139. Oops!

It looks like the past year of development went into the extremely awesome user interface, the beautiful animations and sleek design. Sadly it didn’t get enough testing before releasing into the wild and might have turned off many users out of the gate. If you’d like to give it a try however. It just got a whole lot better. Here’s the full changelog:

Bug Fixes:
– Notification bug that crashed after tapping
– Repeat Notifications
– Notification bug that crashed app when Avatar couldn’t be loaded
– Direct Messages Delete bug wasn’t saving changes
– Long press bug on Messages
– Composition Screen Account Selector bug
– User Profile Bio: tapping on Mentions & Hashtags bug.
– Timeline duplicated tweets on concurrent refreshes
– Compose bug that didn’t allow tweeting at 140 characters
– Verified & Private badges
– Quick mentions

As you can see the launch was riddled with issues. Our initial Carbon Hands-on detailed many of these problems, but sadly they still have a long ways to go. The continuous repeated notifications and force close issues have been fixed, and they solved all those timeline duplicates. Carbon for Twitter just got a heck of a lot better, but we still need a nice settings and options menu to customize settings to our liking – just like most other Twitter clients offer today.

Give the newly updated Carbon for Twitter a try again by heading to the Google Play Store.