Hardcore geeky gamers are always on the lookout for new adventures to take. If you’re into multiplayer online games, check out this new game which is a combination of simulation and tower defense. Caravan Wars by Hiker Games is still in Open Beta but it will be available soon for the public. It’s considered as a trading adventure game set in a fantasy world.

The medieval period can be explored in Caravan War. You are required to manage a commercial empire with numerous resources. You own a caravan full of goods and gold for trading. If not trading, perhaps for ambushing traders but of course, we don’t want that to happen.

You just have to make sure you won’t be raided by others who will try to steal your products. You can choose to be greedy for your own good but not too much. You just need enough courage and be strategic so you can upgrade your guards and caravan.

In this game, you can enjoy PvE and PvP modes as you raise an army so powerful that can take over other caravans. Just assemble an army and then set up the caravan based on the distinct skills of each unit.

Download Caravan War from the Google Play Store


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