It’s not every day that CAPCOM releases to mobile one of its popular 3DS titles that has just been recently released. Be that as it may, “Monster Hunter Stories” is now out to Android – albeit only in Japan for now. Will this ultimately find its way to global Android gamers?

Monster Hunter Stories is a spin-off from the popular Monster Hunter franchise, and in this game, you play a rider – one who rides these monsters, duh – instead of a hunter. The game has turn-based gameplay with a lot of common RPG elements as well. Check out the trailer below.

Now the problem with expecting an English release is that Nintendo is handling the localization for this game. Nintendo has recently released an English version of this game on 3DS recently, so it might be against Nintendo’s policies if ever CAPCOM released an English version of Monster Hunter Stories for mobile.

But it would still be interesting to see this game in the global market, namely because it is a fun game to play. Hopefully, we will see an international release soon.

SOURCE: Google Play Store