While your smartphone is probably your most constant companion when you’re traveling or going on an adventure or just experiencing a new place for the first time, it can sometimes be a bit inconvenient or dangerous to bring it out. Fortunately, there are now mobile camera options for you to bring on your next travel adventure. Canon is bringing a new device to this growing market with the IVY REC camera, a clippable, point-and-shoot camera that is also a bit more rugged than your average mobile camera.

The IVY REC camera can be clipped to your belt or bag or wherever it is that you can clip it to as you go on your activity that you want to capture and log. It has a one-click capture feature for photos and videos so you don’t need to bring out your smartphone when you want to record an event or a scene. But you can also pair it with the Canon Mini Cam app so you can find out things like battery life, remaining storage, video recording resolution, and image size.

For those times when you would need a live viewfinder, you can also use the app and even use it as a remote shutter with a timer. You can transfer your photos and videos wirelessly through the app to your mobile device of choice. It has a 13MP CMOS sensor and for videos, you can shoot up to 1080p videos. Aside from being lightweight enough to carry around or clip to yourself, it is also shockproof and waterproof up to 2m/6.6 feet.

The IVY REC camera doesn’t really compete in any mobile camera category and it’s a unique product that can prove useful for the more adventurous type of traveler. It started out as an IndieGoGo project for Canon but is now being launched as a full go-anywhere product that is being targeted for the younger generation “to go where the moment takes them and capture them in an instant.”

It will come in three colors: Riptide (blue), Avocado (green), and Dragon Fruit (pink) and will be available sometime this month. You only have to shell out $129.99 to get one of these babies.