No matter how digital we get when it comes to photography, people are still fascinated with having something that they can post on their cork board, stick into their notebook or just tack on to a literal wall. That’s why OEMs still keep making photo printing devices because they know there’s still a huge market for actual pictures even as we’ve moved on to smartphone photography from DSLRs. One of the leading brands has now announced their smallest and lightest photo printer yet: the Canon Zoemini.

Whether you want to use the photos as a souvenir for your kid’s birthday party or because you like to keep your bullet journal pretty or you just hoard photos as if you didn’t have 10GB worth of pictures already on your Google Photos, the Zoemini is something that would come in handy, especially as it weighs just 160g and you can carry it with you wherever you go. Plus it uses Canon ZINK photo paper so it uses zero ink technology.

You can print directly from your smartphone, tablet, social media app, and even photo cloud drive. Your print out is a 2×3 inch photograph so it’s perfect for the journal, cork board, birthday card, laptop, mirror, bedroom wall, or wallet where you plan to place it. It is also a peel-and-stick-back, smudge-free, and water and tear resistant kind of picture so rest assured, it can fit into all of the things mentioned above.

You connect it to your Canon Mini Print app so you have all of the filters, frames, and even augmented reality effects that you will need in order to unleash your creativity after you’ve taken your picture. You can even create a collage made out of four or nine prints and you can choose from ten templates to help you maximize that 2×3 space. You can print directly from Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, and Dropbox as well.

The Canon Zoemini comes in three colors: Rose Gold/White, White/Silver, and Black/Slate Grey. It will be priced at £119.99/€139.99 or around $155 and it comes with an initial pack of ZINK Photo Paper (10 pieces). It will be available for purchase starting September 5.



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