Aside from music, most of what takes up space on our mobile devices are pictures and videos. When using cameras, backing them up on your computer is sometimes a pain. Canon has announced during CES 2015 a new product that will help you solve your storage problem for your digital cameras and camcorders and manage those files as well, while viewing them on a huge screen. Welcome the Connect Station CS100 to your digital life.

The photo and video storage device has up to 1TB of space and can connect with your compatible Canon devices using both NFC and WiFi technology. Just tap on the NFC icon on your device and it will wirelessly import images and videos to the CS100. It also has a USB port and SD and CF memory card slots for compatible devices that may not have WiFi or NFC. If you want to view, upload, and download pictures from a smartphone, tablet or PC, you can also do it through a web browser. And if you know other people who have Connect Stations, you can also send and receive images using the Canon Image Gateway, where you can also share these pictures to your social networks.


Once transferred, you can view the images and videos on a compatible HDTV since it has HDMI connection as well.
The menu and interface is user-friendly so it would be easy to manage and navigate through your files when viewing it on the HDTV. You can sort by albums, date taken or by device from which they came from. The storage device can also connect wirelessly with PIXMA and SELPHY printers so you can print images directly from the CS100. The file formats supported are JPEG, MP4, MOV and AV/HCD among others.

Now if you can’t wait to have this storage device at your service, you have to hold your horses a little while longer. Availability is expected by June this year, and the Connect Station CS100 is priced at $299.99.




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