The days of printing from the desktop or laptop are getting more obsolete, as more and more people are using mobile phones and tablets to access and edit their documents and pictures. Canon Print Service is a mobile printing solution that will let users print directly and wirelessly from their Android gadgets, as well as several HP Slate devices, to selected printer models.

Android announced late last year a printing framework that enables users to easily print documents and photographs from their gadgets, but the Canon Print Service is a device printing support specifically for Canon products. It lets Android gadgets running on KitKat (4.4.2 at least) print wirelessly onto their supported Canon printers. There is no need to upgrade their printer or even their software drivers, as long as the unit is included in the list of compatible printers.

You can also customize your printing options, just like you would from your desktop. You can choose the paper size, the page orientation of your document, as well as how many copies you’d like to print. Maybe they’ll also include soon an option to choose whether you want it fast draft or full color, as this is an important option when you’re trying to control your printer’s ink usage.

You can download the Canon print plugin for your Android Kitkat device over at the Google Play Store. However, even after you install it, you need to activate the printing service as it will not automatically do so. You can either do it manually through your settings or just tap the icon in the notification area after it has been installed and then follow the instructions. Then you can start printing away to your heart’s content, or until you run out of ink at least.